Opening a Mobile Unit

Licensing a Mobile Unit

A mobile food unit is a portable vehicle where food is prepared, sold, and/or dispensed to a consumer. Mobile food units include: drive-through espresso carts, hotdog carts, and full-service trailers.

If you’re not sure if this is the correct type of license, please click here: What kind of license do I need?

A mobile unit must meet the following requirements:

  • The unit must be a vehicle and not require a special permit from the Oregon Department of Transportation to be moved.
  • Mobile food units must be on wheels and have the ability to be mobile at all times during operation and have no permanent connection to any utility service (including water, sewer, or electrical).
  • The unit and all operations and equipment must be integral to the unit.

All mobile units must be approved, licensed, and inspected by the Tillamook County Community Health Centers prior to construction and/or operation of the unit. CATERING FROM A MOBILE UNIT IS NOT ALLOWED.

Licenses are non-transferrable, and you must pay the licensing fee prior to operating the mobile unit.