Communicable Disease Program

The Communicable Disease Program staff monitors all reportable communicable diseases, investigates disease outbreaks, epidemics and analyzes disease prevalence within Tillamook County. We also provide prevention information and educational materials to schools, medical providers, and the public.

When someone in Tillamook County tests positive for a reportable communicable disease, they are contacted by our staff to assess the situation, determine potential exposure to others, and assist them in obtaining necessary testing and treatment to limit the severity of the illness and control the spread of the disease. Our epidemiology staff works closely with clinicians throughout the community and State Public Health officials in this effort. Immunizations are provided.

Specific Communicable Diseases:

Testing and treatment for latent or active tuberculosis (TB) is managed through the Health Department. Patients are followed until treatment is completed. Charges for services are on a sliding fee scale but all TB medications are given to the client without charge.

Testing for HIV is done in our clinic confidentially or anonymously by making an appointment. Testing is also available for Hepatitis A, B and C. In some cases the Hepatitis C test can be obtained at no cost.

Oregon AIDS Hotline
503-223-2437 or 800-777-2437

En Español(800)499-6940

For those who think they have symptoms of, or have been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection (STI),  an appointment for screening can be scheduled at any of our clinics. STI treatment is provided at the time of diagnosis with medications kept at the clinic specifically for that purpose. Charges for services are on a sliding fee scale, but STI medications are given to the client without charge.

The Tillamook County Communicable Diseases Program staff is also actively involved in emergency preparedness and response training, as well as surveillance for potential bioterrorism agents.  See our Emergency Preparedness site for further information and resources.

To report a communicable disease, call (503) 842-3900 at any hour.