Chronic Care

The Chronic Care Program consists of many collaborative partners who are concerned about not only the cost of inadequate care’s adverse impact on the health care system, but also the adverse impact on the quality of life of individuals with, or at risk for, chronic disease.

The program is striving to work towards the following objectives:

  • Promote research regarding chronic care by monitoring and evaluating processes that provide evidence of the effectiveness of changes and interventions.
  • Foster the development of community-based resources and self-support activities for prevention and management of chronic illnesses within the framework of the socio-ecological model of collaboration.
  • Create chronic care systems of care that maximize transparency and ease of use for providers and consumers within the framework of the chronic care model.
  • Seek sustainable resources to support the on-going implementation of cost-effective interventions and changes.
  • Seek funding to help build infrastructure.
  • Promote the importance of self-management and treatment for people living with a chronic condition like diabetes and asthma.
  • Seek and support leadership that can create the capacity and willingness for change from an acute care model to a model that can support both acute and chronic care.