Reproductive Health & Sexually Transmitted Infections

Tillamook County Community Health Centers and Centers for Family Health provide birth control and reproductive health services to all individuals of reproductive age. Health Center services are staffed by qualified health professionals who provide confidential care. See contraceptive care of Oregon information below to see if you qualify for free services.

Birth control options include pills, shots, patches, rings, IUD’s, diaphragms, foam, condoms, and natural family planning. 

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Some services might require an office visit such as:

  • Pregnancy testing and pregnancy options counseling
  • Treatment and evaluation of Sexually transmitted infection.

  • Access to Plan-B
  • Prescription and non-prescription contraception 


Medicaid and private insurance are accepted.

  • All services are based on income using a sliding scale fee. Women under 185% of the Federal Poverty Level meeting citizen and residency requirements may be eligible for free birth control services through Contraceptive Care of Oregon (CCARE)

CCARE Overview

  • CCare will pay for birth control consultations, initial exam, follow up care, yearly exam, and emergency contraception
  • To qualify you must be a U.S. citizen, not enrolled in OHP, and monthly income cannot exceed $2,529 before taxes ($3,429 for a couple)
  • To enroll contact 503-842-3940

STI testing and treatments are not covered by CCARE

RHEA Overview

  • The Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) ensures that people with Oregon private health insurance plans, including employee-sponsored coverage, have access to reproductive health and related preventive services with no cost sharing. RHEA provides reproductive health benefits to those would otherwise be eligible for medical assistance if not for their immigration status. For more information see here.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) 

 Those who think they have symptoms or have been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection (STI), an appointment for screening can be scheduled at any of our clinics. STI treatment is provided at the time of diagnosis with medications kept at the clinic specifically for that purpose. Charges for services are on a sliding fee scale and STI medications are given to the client without charge.

 For more information on sexually transmitted infections – click here

 Para más información sobre las infecciones de transmisión sexual, pulse aquí

 Free Condoms at the health clinic 

Plan B available with short consultation 

Resources for Teens:

All services provided at Health Centers are confidential. Parents, partners, and friends cannot get any information about your care unless you give written permission.