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Opening a Restaurant

Opening a Restaurant Licensing a Restaurant  Restaurants are a stationary site (no wheels) where food is prepped, sold, and/or dispensed on-site for the general public. Restaurants can include hospital cafeterias, coffee shops, bars, diners, etc. A “Limited Service Restaurant” is a restaurant serving only individually portioned prepackaged foods prepared from an [...]

Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast A Bed and Breakfast Facility is any establishment located in a structure designed for a single family residence, which has more than two rooms for rent on a daily basis to the public, and offers a breakfast meal as part of the cost of the room. Licenses [...]

Agency Contacts (Info & Permits)

Agency Contacts (Info & Permits) Building (Community Development): 503-842-3408 Tillamook Fire District: 503-842-7587 (stove hoods, fire suppression, etc.) Oregon Department of Agriculture: 503-986-4720 Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC): 1-800-452-6522 Planning/Zoning (Community Development): 503-842-3408 On-Site Sanitation (Community Development): 503-842-3409 Tillamook City Hall: 503-842-2472