It is the responsibility of the applicant to meet the requirements of all the agencies with jurisdiction over this food and/or beverage establishment prior to opening. This may include, but is not limited to: zoning, plumbing, electrical, building, planning, sewer and water, fire marshal, FOG program for grease interceptors, utilities, public works, ODOT, OLCC, and/or Oregon-OSHA.

Check with the local city you wish to operate in and Community Development for permitting requirements. A sign-off will be required in order to be approved.

Bed & Breakfast

A Bed and Breakfast Facility is any establishment located in a structure designed for a single family residence, which has more than two rooms for rent on a daily basis to the public, and offers a breakfast meal as part of the cost of the room.

Licenses are non-transferrable, and you must pay the licensing fee prior to operating the facility.