CaCoon (CAre COordinatiON) is a public health nurse home visiting program for families who have children with special health needs. Services are provided for children from birth through 21 years of age, who have chronic health conditions or disabilities. CaCoon services are available to all families regardless of income. This program provides support for families in the community by:

  • Helping parents find resources
  • Helping coordinate services

A public health nurse works with the family to assure that both medical and developmental needs are addressed in order to gain medical stability and optimal growth and development.

Along with other programs available through the Health Department, the Public Health Nurse will:

  • Answer questions about your child’s health needs and special care
  • Help you find special services as close to your home as possible
  • Show you ways to make your child’s health and growth the best they can be
  • Work with primary care physician to coordinate health care and specialty services
  • Help you prevent problems that may be common for children with your child’s special health needs

CaCoon improves the health and well-being of children born with special needs by ensuring that they receive needed services to help overcome and cope with their health condition. CaCoon helps families learn that while having a child with special needs can be stressful, they can learn to recognize milestones in development and celebrate those successes. CaCoon also helps families find resources or develop the skills to meet their own needs.

Cerisa Albrechtsen, 503-842-3941
Colleen Schwindt, 503-842-3931