Tourist Accomodations

Tourist Accommodations include Hotels, Motels, RV Parks, and Organizational Camps.

Licenses are non-transferrable, and you must pay the licensing fee prior to operating the facility.

Tourist Accommodation Application


Options for Food Service:

Do I Need A Food Service Permit?

Continental breakfast associated with a tourist accommodation license is limited to: individual or bulk dispensed containers of commercially prepared juices, commercially prepared non-potentially hazardous pastries, whole uncut fresh fruit with peel (including apples), coffee and tea with non-potentially hazardous ingredients. Pastries include donuts, Danishes, cinnamon rolls, and other sweetened breads. This does NOT include bagels, waffles, toast, English muffins, or other bread products. See OAR 333-150-0000, Section 1-201.10(B), Definition of Food Establishment. Facilities serving food in excess of this definition must be licensed as either Limited Service or Full Service restaurants. Bulk milk dispensers and other items like single service oatmeal packets, cream cheese, or butter are not allowed.

Limited service licensure is allowed for tourist facilities that serve ONLY pre-wrapped individually packaged items (whether potentially hazardous foods or not) and non-perishable beverages (ORS 624.010(5)). All items must be in their original commercial packaging and may not be wrapped by the hotel operator. The beverages, such as juices, may be in bulk dispensers or individual containers. Milk in individual cartons may be included in the limited service licensure, as it may be considered an ingredient for cereal, not just a beverage. A hotel with a limited service license may use disposable utensils to avoid dishwashing requirement. Hotels with a ‘grab and go’ cooler of different individually packaged foods should be licensed as limited service if the hotel does not have an existing food service license.

Full service licensure is required for any facility that chooses to serve any food that is outside the above definitions. A hotel with a full service license can provide a ‘grab and go’ convenience area without additional licensure.

Also, if a hotel only serves cookies and does not do any other food service, they are exempt under Chapter 1-201.10(B)(3)(g).

RV Parks

Organizational Camps