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Medical Chaperones for Sensitive Exams


Tillamook county Community Health Centers values the safety and dignity of our patients. As part of our commitment to creating a respectful, comfortable environment, we provide trained medical chaperones for sensitive exams as well as upon request. Our trained medical chaperones help ensure sensitive exams are safe, comfortable, and professional.

If you ever feel uneasy or need more information about what will happen during your exam, please ask the team at your clinic. We are here to help.

Medical Chaperones for Sensitive Exams Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we offering trained medical chaperones for sensitive exams?

As of July 1, 2023, an Oregon Medical Board licensee must offer a trained chaperone to be physically present for all sensitive exams (genital, rectal, and breast examinations).

What is a medical chaperone?

A medical chaperone is a trained employee who is available to be present during sensitive examinations, or upon request. They are trained patient advocates and impartial observers who support the professional environment.

The medical chaperone’s role is to ensure the patient and provider’s comfort, safety, privacy, and security during these exams or procedures. The medical chaperone will observe what is going on and assist as needed.

Can I decline to have a chaperone present for my sensitive exam?

Yes. Adult patients and patients who are 15 years and older can decline a medical chaperone. Parents or legal guardians can decline on behalf of minors prior to age 15.

However, if your provider would like to have a medical chaperone present and you decline, they can choose to defer the exam or refer you to another provider.

Can I request a chaperone of a specific gender?

If you prefer a medical chaperone of a specific gender, let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your request but cannot promise we will be able to assign a medical chaperone of your preferred gender.


What can I expect during a sensitive exam?

For ALL sensitive exams, you should expect:

  •  An explanation of the exam, including why it is needed, and what the provider will do.
  •  Privacy to undress. You should NOT be asked to undress in front of a provider or other staff member.
  •  You should be offered a covering (gown or sheet/drape) if your body is exposed.
  •  The provider should NEVER make sexual remarks, hints, or jokes.
  •  You have the right to refuse any portion of an exam or ask the provider to stop it at any time.

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Authorization to Use/Disclose Medical Information
Autorización para Usar/Divulgar Información Médica

Notice of Privacy Practices
Aviso sobre prácticas de privacidad

Medical Services Available for the Whole Family

Accessible Care

TC CHC bills all commercial insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid including Oregon Health Plan. If you do not have insurance, but you and your family live on a low income, we offer discounts on a sliding fee scale based on family size and income. Our goal is to make health care affordable at any income level.

Healthy Kids for a Healthy Oregon

Healthy Kids is free or low-cost health care coverage for Oregon children who don’t have health insurance. Even kids with current health conditions can enroll.

Eligibility is mostly based on income. Coverage lasts for at least one full year and can be longer so long as the child is still eligible.

If you thought you would not qualify—or in the past you did not qualify—please fill out an application. The application is now easier, and we have many people waiting to help you enroll.

Contact the Tillamook County Community Health Centers, 503-842-3900.

Or enroll online through Healthy Kids for a Healthy Oregon

Healthy Kids Brochure

¿Cuenta su hijo con cuidado de salud? ¡Healthy Kids le puede ayudar!

Healthy Kids es una cobertura de cuidado de salud sin costo o de bajo costo para los niños de Oregon que no cuentan con un seguro de salud. Aún los niños con condiciones actuales de salud pueden inscribirse.

La elegibilidad se basa mayormente en los ingresos. La cobertura dura por lo menos un año y podría durar más siempre que el niño permanezca elegible.

Si usted pensó que no calificaría—o no calificó antes—por favor llene una solicitud. La solicitud es más fácil ahora, y contamos con muchas personas esperándolo para ayudarlo a inscribirse.

Llame a Anadelia en el departamento de salud del condado de Tillamook, 503-842-3924.

O inscribirse en línea a Healthy Kids for a Healthy Oregon

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