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Flood Information

Flood Info

Dept. of Community Development Flood Info

If you feel your well may have been affected by flood waters, you should sample the water prior to drinking. The Tillamook Creamery (503-815-3318) can do the analysis. They will also provide you with the sample container and information on how to take samples. Phone Environmental Health if you have additional questions: 503-842-3902.

To obtain information on your well (depth and width), contact the Oregon Water Resources Department: go to the ‘Grid Web’ and enter as much info as you have regarding your well.

Cleaning & Sanitizing with Chlorine Bleach
Limpieza y Desinfección con Cloro

Tetanus Shot Information 

Tetanus shot updates recommended if working in flood waters, if last Tetanus shot received greater than 10 years ago. Administration fee will be charged for Tetanus injections. State of Oregon Health Division DOES NOT recommend Hepatitis A vaccines for flood related contact.

CDC: Natural Disasters & Severe Weather Info

Tillamook County Emergency Management

Power Outage Info
Información de Apagón