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A Public Potluck is not Allowed Under the Oregon Food Sanitation Rules

A public potluck (any large community event that is widely advertised for the general public to bring dishes prepared at home) is not allowed under the Oregon Food Sanitation Rules (OAR 333-150, 3-201.11). This applies to public events, not private functions (office potlucks, weddings, church groups, etc.). This rule is […]

Environmental Health

Environmental Health Environmental Health (EH) ensures documentation of identifiable environmental health threats and enforcement of appropriate Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rules, and city and county ordinances regarding environmental health and safety. Environmental Health conducts a variety of inspections of licensed facilities each year. In addition, EH receives and [...]

Facility Inspections

Facility Inspections For inspections after February 2017, visit our new inspection page. For inspections prior to February 2017, please view the links below. * All inspection reports in PDF Format View Inspections by City View Inspections by Facility Type Tillamook County Environmental Health (EH) department licenses and inspects approximately 300 [...]

Opening a Mobile Unit

Opening a Mobile Unit Licensing a Mobile Unit A mobile food unit is a portable vehicle where food is prepared, sold, and/or dispensed to a consumer. Mobile food units include: drive-through espresso carts, hotdog carts, and full-service trailers. If you’re not sure if this is the correct type of license, please [...]