Family Planning

Tillamook County Community Health Centers and Centers for Family Health provide birth control and reproductive health services to all area women of reproductive age. Health Center services are staffed by qualified health professionals.

Prescription and non-prescription contraception of the woman’s choice are available through the Centers. These include birth control pills, shots, contraceptive patch, contraceptive ring, intrauterine devices (IUDs), diaphragms and other barrier methods, as well as foam, condoms, and natural family planning.

In addition, physical exams including necessary lab testing needed for prescribed birth control and evaluation and treatment of sexually transmitted infections are provided through the Centers.

Tillamook County Health Centers also provide pregnancy testing and pregnancy options counseling, birth control methods counseling, and other related education and counseling. Emergency contraception (Plan B) is also available.

All fees for services are based on income by a sliding fee scale. Medicaid (Oregon Health Plan) and private insurance are accepted.

In addition, women under 185% of Federal Poverty Level who meet citizenship and residency requirements are eligible to receive FREE birth control services and supplies through Contraceptive Care of Oregon (CCARE). Clients must provide proof of citizenship or sign a consent form to obtain a birth certificate. Picture identification is required.

All services provided at the Health Centers are confidential. That means that no one will be given information about your visit except you.

Parents, partners, and friends cannot get any information about your care at the Health Centers unless you give us written permission to speak with them.