Babies First Home Visits

Babies First is a developmental screening program for children at risk of developmental delay due to a variety of risk factors including: premature birth; drug exposed infant during pregnancy; low birth weight; age of the parent/caregiver; low income/poverty; and many other factors. The majority of referrals are from hospitals at the time of birth

Babies First targets children from birth to age five. Potential problems can be detected quickly and interventions started and monitored regularly. Public health nurses conduct in-home health and developmental screening for participating children on a regular basis. The nurses work closely with the families on parenting skills, health education, advocacy, and referrals to services in other agencies. Babies First focuses on helping families learn to care for and better understand their children.


  • Nurses providing home visits to pregnant women, new families, and children with special health needs
  • Intensive home visits (weekly) to first time parents
  • Provides education on prenatal care
  • Provides education and information on child development
  • Performs development testing

  • Offers support to families
  • Provides immunizations and WIC
  • Offers support for smoking cessation
  • Connects clients to other helpful services

The Babies First program identifies infants and young children who are deemed “at risk” in an attempt to prevent poor health and developmental outcome.

The Public Health Nurse will:

  • Suggest ways you can help your child learn and grow
  • Put you in touch with others who can help if any problems occur
  • Instruct and educate you on newborn care
  • Assist with infant feeding – both breastfeeding and formula preparation
  • Assess your child’s growth from birth to age 3 years, through screenings occurring at 4, 8, 12, 18, 24, and 36 months of age

The health assessment includes:

  • Monitoring of growth (height, weight, and head circumference)
  • Developmental screening (including motor, language, and reflexes)
  • Hearing, vision, and dental screenings
  • Environmental learning opportunities and safety assessments
  • Immunization assessment
  • Making referrals for care when assessments indicate

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Morganne Skinner, 971-341-1051