Taking care of your teeth is just as important as taking care of your body. Therefore, we at TCCHC have partnered with dental providers in our area to offer you the best possible services for those enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan and low income-based households. We can offer you a primary care dental provider to help with your basic dental needs such as annual routine exams, cleanings, X-rays, fluoride varnish and sealants for children and youth under age 16. Our providers will closely work with you to create a treatment plan for your dental needs such as, fillings, limited extractions and referrals if specialty dental care is needed. Our dental care coordinator care team is here to assist in making this process as smooth as possible. You can take the first step in your dental health care needs by simply calling us at (503) 842-2356 to schedule an appointment.

COVID-19 Dental Updates:

COVID-19 Dental Update for Tillamook County

TILLAMOOK, Ore. — Dental offices and providers across Tillamook County are only scheduling appointments for urgent or emergency care at this time.

“You should always try to get emergency or ugent dental care from your dental provider first,” says Cyrus Javadi, DDS, dental director for Tillamook County Community Health Centers (TCCHC). “Especially when emergency rooms and urgent care centers may be overwhelmed with patients with other issues or infections.”

If you need urgent or emergency care (including severe pain, swelling and infection, bleeding or dental trauma) or have questions if your dental concern qualifies as such, please call your dental provider for assistance.


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Treatment that can keep teeth strong and healthy.

Coating placed on teeth to help prevent decay.

Dentists are expected to recognize the extent of the treatment needs of their patients, when complex treatment is needed or if you have a complicated medical history your general dentist may want you to see a specialist.