Temporary Restaurants (Food Booths)

Temporary Restaurant licenses are required for all temporary food events. A Temporary Restaurant is any establishment operating in connection with any event where food is prepared or served for the public (e.g. fairs, Farmers Markets). Benevolent (non-profit) businesses do not pay a fee for the temporary license. Non-benevolent (for profit) businesses pay a $95 fee. Non-benevolent (for profit) businesses licensed in another Oregon county pay a $25 fee. Applications not received at least 5 days prior to the event will incur a late fee of $20.

Temporary Restaurant Operation Guide

Temporary Restaurant Application (includes explanation of different types of Events)

  • To complete the application electronically, please save the document to your computer and attach completed form to email.

Operational Plan Review (Intermittent or Seasonal Events Only)

Intermittent & Seasonal Renewal for Temporary Restaurants

Temporary Event Checklist

Farmers Market Fees and Information

Solicitud para Permiso Temporal para Servir Alimentos (Se incluye la lista de comprobación de seguridad alimentaria)

  • Para terminar la solicitud electrónicamente, por favor de guardar el documento en su computadora y adjunte el formulario completo al correo electrónico. 

Applications are also available at all three clinics.

Tillamook Clinic & Environmental/Public Health
801 Pacific Ave
Tillamook, OR 97141

Rockaway Beach Clinic
City Hall, downstairs office
276 N Hwy 101
Rockaway Beach, OR 97136

Cloverdale Clinic
34335 Hwy 101
Cloverdale, OR 97112

If you would like us to mail an application to you, contact Allison, 503-842-3943